Lego MOC Winter Village Bakery and Toy Shop by Super-Junk

4 years of Lego Winter Village Displays

The last time I posted my Winter Village setup was way back in 2014, the first year that I set up my display!  A lot has changed since then, Here are the MOCs and MODs that I’ve added to my layout year after year:

Update: Building Instructions for some of my winter buildings are now available on my Gumroad profile!

2015: Modular Winter Village Mocs

My second year setting up the Winter Village, I wanted to really beef up the display. I love expanding and modifying real Lego sets. I also wanted to improve the lighting and have full-coverage modular “baseplates.”  I started building around some incandescent street lamps and worked outward, creating a “business district” alongside a central town square.  The buildings in my layout are each inspired by a different official set.

2016: Moving to a Train Layout

Since the Winter Village Train was added to the lineup, my display has moved to surround my full-sized Christmas tree. I MOC’d the train station since it would be another year before Lego put out their Winter Village Train Station.


Coming Soon: Building Instructions

I’m slowly but surely converting my Winter Village MOCs into Building instructions. They’ll be available here, soon!

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