4 years of Lego Winter Village Displays

The last time I posted my Winter Village setup was way back in 2014, the first year that I set up my display!  A lot has changed since then, Here are the MOCs and MODs that I’ve added to my layout year after year:

Update: Building Instructions for some of my winter buildings are now available on my Gumroad profile!

2015: Modular Winter Village Mocs

My second year setting up the Winter Village, I wanted to really beef up the display. I love expanding and modifying real Lego sets. I also wanted to improve the lighting and have full-coverage modular “baseplates.”  I started building around some incandescent street lamps and worked outward, creating a “business district” alongside a central town square.  The buildings in my layout are each inspired by a different official set.

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Clock Tower Corner – Modular Building MOC

The tallest building in my neighborhood, The clock tower was added to break up the skyline and the depth of the buildings. It’s actually two buildings in one – A clock tower built over the street and a corner building with a Meat Shop, Izakaya and Art Gallery space.

Clock Tower Corner Building Lego MOC


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German Toy Shop Modular Building MOC

One of the oldest and largest buildings in my town, the half-timber framed “Toy Shop” building began as one of my first attempts at a Modular MOC (It began life as a modified 10193) . In the last two years, the building has undergone at least 3 expansions and one recent major face lift to the facade.

Current Version - rebuilt facade

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A Busy Day in Fabu-Land

Even though I had a lot of LEGO in the 80s and 90s, I had never seen Fabuland until just a year ago.. At first, I was uninterested in them, turning all my focus to Modular buildings and city-related themes. Recently though, I have fallen hard for the little creatures, and am enjoying the challenge of putting buildings together for them that maintain their wacky vintage aesthetic, while still satisfying my need for good looking structures and modern building techniques. The end result of my first dabblings with Fabuland is… Fabu-Land! a self-contained city block where all the residents do their part and live peacefully (in very close quarters, apparently!).

Lego fabuland MOC by Super-Junk



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