Lego Fire Brigade Alternate Model by Super-Junk

Fire Brigade Alternate Build

Lego Fire Brigade Modular Alternate Build

The Modular building that got me out of my dark age was 10218 – Pet shop. So when I got 10197 – Fire Brigade right after, the dark red and gray building loomed over the tiny apartments. It wasn’t long before I converted it into a 16-stud wide alternate build that was more at home in my residential neighborhood (sorry firefighters!).



One thought on “Fire Brigade Alternate Build”

  1. I love both your 16-wide FB conversion and the HH conversion into a proper house!

    I recently acquired a spare FB for $100 … and since I have the oriinal, I was looking for something alternative. Your conversion has given me great inspiration … would that be OK with you to base something off that?

    I don’t have HH, but I also like your conversion!



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