German Toy Shop Modular Building MOC

One of the oldest and largest buildings in my town, the half-timber framed “Toy Shop” building began as one of my first attempts at a Modular MOC (It began life as a modified 10193) . In the last two years, the building has undergone at least 3 expansions and one recent major face lift to the facade.

Current Version - rebuilt facade


Practice makes perfect!

I was never 100% happy with the earliest versions. as a beginner, I struggled to find the right pieces to match the image in my mind.  Trying to achieve a half timber frame look without much experience “going medieval,”  I had to study MOCs from the community to find building styles that balanced the old-world style with something that would look at home in a modern day city. I also spent a bit of time researching real half-timber framing, and found that once I understood the functionality behind the architectural style, I was able to make better decisions on things like beam placement and making the jetties look more purposeful as opposed to just making a “cool looking bump-out”.  I like looking back on older versions to see just how many new techniques I have picked up and incorporated into this MOC.

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