Custom Winter Village Baked Goods

A quaint little live/work space with an apartment upstairs for the baker. It always smells like cookies up there!

Open-backed design makes it easy to add your own interior and Minifigures.

This is a digital download, no actual bricks are included.

Designed to work with real LEGO Building elements. Inventory has been cross-checked with Bricklink to ensure availability of parts. Check out the online parts list if you want to check out the parts used in this build.

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Model Dimensions:

  • 16 studs wide (5.5 inches)
  • 13 studs deep (4 inches)
  • 28 bricks tall (10.5 inches)


Instructions include the main model, Interior cake display, and optional 16 x 16 modular baseplate with sidewalk.

  • Full-color, step-by-step illustrated instruction manual PDF
  • LDraw file (.ldr/.mpd) for the completed model. Compatible with and other free Lego 3D applications
  • Illustrated parts list inventory PDF and XML parts list to upload to Bricklink

Your Personal Download:

These instructions are for personal use only,not for re-sale or redistribution. Upon purchase, your Instruction manual will be sent to your email inboxPlease allow a few minutes for file processing by Gumroad.


Buy these instructions on Gumroad

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